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What is Relocation? First and foremost, it is an assistance service

helping you to settle in this new country, during a transfer for example.

We help you adapt smoothly to your new life in France. As an international team, we can advise you in several languages such as French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc....

- Schooling:

The schooling of your child(ren) is indeed a paramount concern when changing countries. We therefore send you as fast as possible, information concerning registration in different schools and an exhaustive schedule of meetings with the selected schools.

- Language:

When you arrive in France, speaking French fluently comes in handy, it is event compulsory. We therefore offer French courses with qualified teachers.

- Bank account:

Once in France, you will probably not have time to worry about future credit cards or even bank account openings. We can assist you to quickly open all your bank accounts.

- Housing:

Finding a new home is of the utmost importance if you have to move. When you are hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from your future residence, it is hard to search and visit properties for sale or rent. That is why IMMO CAMILLE personally takes care of the upstream search and several visits exclusively for you.

- Telephone, internet, gas and electricity:

We also prepare a gas and electricity subscription, the purchase of a SIM card according to your needs, and an internet connection.

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